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Paint Your Balsa RC Model with Simple Steps

Sources of information:   Time :2013-01-17

As we have introduced in our previous articles, balsa wood is one of the most popular woods both in domestic and international markets for many of its advantages. It can be used to make modles, like the RC model since it is lightweight, soft and easy to cut and work with. The wood's cells are large with thin walls. Altough the balsa wood is lightweight and soft, it is much stronger than the soft wood. It is popular partly because it can bear the stresses of models.

It is an optional choice to paint your RC model after your making. However, painting it will give it a better look actually. Generally speaking, it is easy for you to paint it. Don't worry if you never paint it before since we will give you a brief introduction here. You are advised to read the following steps carefully.

First of all, you should prepare drop cloths, clean cloth, sandpaper, sealant, paint brushes, white primer, paint and the painter's tape before your work. You are advised to paint your model in a bright area since you need to paint and see the plane model from all angles. Bright areas will avoid the shadows actually. You may add a layer of clear coat paint after the paint has dried if you want to have a glossy appearance.

Second, you should lay out drop cloths under your completed RC model. Choosing the drop cloths with proper size in accordance with your model size. You can lay the cloth on the top of your table actually.

Third, sand it. Use a 80-grit sandpaper to sand the surface of the balsa wood. Use a clean cloth to wipe away the excess wood dust. As we all know that, before painting, we should clean the surface of the objects that we will paint to achieve a better effect actually.

Fourth, use a clean paint brush to prime the RC model. Apply a coat of white primer to it and the function of the primer is to make the paint adhere well to the plane and not peel off. Then you should paint it with your expected or favorite colors. Apply another color until the previous color has dried. You may need the painter's tape to obtain straight lines. Remove your tape after all the works having been done.

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