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How to Design and Make Balsa Wood Glider?

Sources of information:   Time :2013-01-22

Balsa wood can be used to make glider actually. The balsa glider actually is wooden toy plane which is hand lauched actually. The balsa wood is well known for its lightweight, soft and easy to work with. Balsa glider can be made by yourself. However, you should know how to design and make it actually. Here we will give you some tips.

First of all, you are advised to choose quarter grain wood. There are various kinds of balsa grade available for building glider. The quarter grain wood or quarter cut can be used for making wings, fins and tail. Generally, such grain is stiff and can make your glider more stale when flying.

Second, you should measure your glider very carefully. Use a template when you building your balsa wood glider whether it comes with a kit or one that can be found online or other sources. You should cut it very carefully since it may affect the flight. When you cut your pattern, you are advised to use a new blade in a modeling knife.

Third, balance is very important to a plane or glider. You should correct it or balance it if your balsa wood glider seems not balance when flying. You can cut slightly from the fuselage rear to reduce its weight if the nose of the glider is too heavy.

Fourth, you should mark your glider. In order to make it easier for you to see your glider when it fly on the sky, you should spray some colorful paints on the wing an tail of your glider. You can mark a special image or name or number you like. Also, you are advised to throw your glider straight ahead. You should control your strength when throwing your glider since too gently or too hard will be not good to control your glider.

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