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Tips on Painting Balsa RC Model

Sources of information:   Time :2013-02-28

Once balsa RC model is constructed, you should paint it actually. Balsa wood is well known among consumers for lightweight, soft and easy to work with. As we have introduced in our previous articles, balsa wood is light since it has special construction cells. The cells are large within thin walls. Although there are other woods that are lighter than balsa, they are not ideal choices for making RC model since they are weaker and can't bear high stress. Paint the balsa RC model is simple, you can follow me to know more detailed information.

First of all, prepare something that you will use during your painting process, like drop cloths, 80-grit sandpaper, clean cloth, sealant, paint brushes, white primer, paint, painter's tape and so forth. Generally, you are advised to paint your model in a well-lighted area. What should you know is that you should paint all sides of the RC model and you should see the plane model from every angle to ensure all angle has been painted. You should add a layer of clear coat paint after the paint has dried if you want your RC model to have a glossy appearance. When you choose paint, you should take consideration of your model power type. Acrylic paint is more susceptible to attack by liquids like alcohol if your model is powered by a fuel rather than battery.

Second, lay out drop cloths beneath your completed RC model. The drop cloths may vary in size, depending on the size of your model.

Third, use a sandpaper to sand the balsa wood surface. Wipe away the excess wood dust by swiping a clean cloth across  the surface of the balsa wood.

Fourth, use a paint brush to apply a coat of sealant to the wood. Small paint brushes used for artistic paintings work well actually. And various sizes may be available to suit your model size. Use the clean paint brush to prime the RC model. Add a coat of white primer and the primer will help make the paint adhere well to the plane and not peel off.

Fifth, paint your model with your favorite color. Wait until one color dries before applying the next color. Use painter's tape to obtain straight lines as long as you like.

Last, wait for 5 to 10 minutes to dry it naturally.

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