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The Differences Between Balsa Wood and Basswood

Sources of information:   Time :2013-06-05

As we all know there are thousands kinds of wood around the world, such as balsa, basswood, plywood, walnut, cherry and maple. Different kinds of woods have different uses. This article is mainly about the different characteristics of the woods and the different uses of them. The thicknesses of these fine woods is in the range of 1/32 to one inch and the width is in the range of 1/16 to six inches. You should choose different types of woods to meet your requirements. If you want to get more information, please read the article below. 

Balsa's lightness and strength makes it useful for many works, such as making models, aircraft, surfboards and life preservers. And it is useful insulating refrigerator and ship holds because of its heat retention ability. It can bare enough pressure for its weight. 

Compared with balsa wood, basswood is heavier than balsa while at the same time, it have same characteristics with balsa wood:  close-grained, strong, and lightweight. Unlike the balsa's lightness, generally, basswood can't be used to make models because of its weight. But basswood is easily to be carved and so it is popular with both beginning and advanced woodcarvers. The basswood is usually is grown in northern Michigan and Wisconsin while the balsa tree is native to South America. And the basswood burns well so it is found friendly to novice wood burners.

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