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How to Glue the Balsa Wood Project With Tissue Paper?

Sources of information:   Time :2013-06-14

As we all know, when we finish completing a balsa project, we may need to do some follow-up processes to make our project more stable or more beautiful. There are several methods can be used to achieve our goal. If we have plenty of time and money, we can use elaborate chemical-based skins to strengthen the model. If not, we can simply use tissue paper or white school glue instead to meet our needs. Generally, the tissue paper is the most economical and most versatile material to suit our requirements. Here we are talking about how to use tissue paper to cover our balsa project. Before we start the job, we have to prepare some necessary tools: tissue paper, glue, hobby knife and so on. All these necessary tools can easily be purchased in a store.

Step 1
Make a decision of the color of the tissue paper that you will use. If you are working on a project that you just desired, you need to decide the color on your design. But if you are dealing with a kit that has been already completed, you can make the color similar to the the pre-determined color. 

Step 2
Cut the tissue paper into the pieces which can suit the shape of the pieces to be covered. In order to waste as little as possible, you can cut the tissue paper into the smallest possible size before gluing it to the frame. At the same time, you will have less work to do in the end if you cut down the waste of tissue paper at start.

Step 3
Keep the tissue paper wet until we need to use it. We can place it between two wet towels to keep it wet or use a spray bottle to spray it. Glue the wet tissue paper to the balsa project. The project will be covered with the tissue paper. Glue over the whole frame. Place the tissue paper over the frame which has been glued over. Connect the paper and the frame as tightly as possible. We should discard the paper and start over if there are any broken parts of the paper. 
Step 4
In order to make your balsa wood model more stable and charming, you will need to cut down the tissue paper which is excess. Use the hobby knife to cut the paper as carefully as you can, make sure that any excess parts has been cut down and you would not damage the suitable parts.

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