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How to Make Balsa Tower?

Sources of information:   Time :2013-07-12

The balsa wood could be used to produce amounts of models, such as model planes, model bridges and so on. In my opinion, the production of balsa tower is a little harder than other types of models. The makers need to pay attention to the bearing capacity of the foundation, the connection of the bars and how to maintain the structure.

I would like to share my experience of making the balsa towers. In order to simplify the production process, I would like to make the model of Eiffel Tower. Thus, we don't need to wasted time on the design. Further more, the Eiffel Tower is a famous building and you could send the finished balsa towers to your friends as gifts.

You need to prepare qualified balsa wood. The strength of the wood should be different. The wood used to build the foundation should be stronger and at the same time, its density is heavier. The wood used to build the top need to be lighter to reduce the pressure on the bottom. Pens, steel ruler and knife with sharp blade are all necessary.

You should determine the size of the balsa tower at the beginning. I would strongly recommend to choose a smaller size if you have never design the tower before. You need to separate the design of the towers in several parts, such as the frame, the bars and the arched structure. In order to form the frame of the tower, you need to carve four piece of long and thick balsa woods. In order to bend the woods and make them more charmful, you could heat one side of them.

Then you will need to glue at the end of the balsa woods. Make sure the distance between the woods are all the same and the frame is nearly formed. You should cut ledgers according to the distance. Place the ledgers between the frame and glue them together. And at the bottom, you need to install the arched structures just as the real tower.

You have almost completed the balsa tower now. And the final step is to set the crossing bars between the frame. Frankly, this step is not difficult, but in order to make a perfect task, you should pay attention to details. Make sure that the structure is as symmetrical as possible. If you are not sure about the stability of the balsa tower, you could glue it on a larger hard pad. In addition to the production of balsa tower, we are offering the method to make planes, bridges and so on. Welcome to visit our website if you are interested:

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