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Build Miniature Birdhouse Using Balsa Wood

Sources of information:   Time :2013-10-09

At presents,balsa wood craft is very hot in the market. And we also can use balsa wood to make our own miniature birdhouse craft. And it is indeed very simple,and there are several steps which you can follow. 

Why we need to use balsa wood to build miniature birdhouse? The most reason is that balsa wood is lightweight and easy to cut.  It is a good idea for you to build balsa birdhouse if you gardens are filled with songbirds. Gluing is also sufficient for securing balsa wood joints. The dimensions of miniature, balsa wood birdhouses are flexible according to what you use they for,such as Christmas tree ornaments, houseplant ornaments ,refrigerator magnets and so on. The reason is that balsa wood is raw you can finish the birdhouse as you like, ultimately making them one-of-a-kind works of art.

Step one

You need to trace two basic house shapes ,which is squares with triangle tops,onto a sheet of balsa wood by using a straightedge and a pencil.

Step two 

You can trace two rectangles for the sides of the house. And you need to make sure that the height of the sides equal to the height of the square parts of the house shapes.

Step three

You need to trace two rectangles for the roof peaks. To make the dimensions of the roof peaks just larger than the length of the edges of the triangle house tops by the length of the side pieces.

Step four

You need to trace one rectangle for the bottom of the house depends on the width of the house front and back and the length of the house sides.

Step five

You need to cut out all pieces by using a craft knife. And to use the straight edge to guide the blade of the knife and sand the cut edges lightly with 120-grit sandpaper.

Step six

You need to assemble pieces into a three-dimensional house, gluing the edges together with epoxy cement. And keep in mind that you need to allow the epoxy to cure.

Last step

You need to paint or stain and seal the birdhouse, and bear in mind to include a circular doorway at the front. You can include windows, flowers and text and many other details. You can glue additional elements to the birdhouse by using a hot glue gun. Possibilities include miniature shingles, fake moss, miniature pine cones or miniature fake birds. If you wish,you also can spray flocking or glitter onto the birdhouse . More choices according to your wishes.

When you finish your own miniature birdhouse craft,you will realize that balsa wood is so magic. If you are interested in balsa wood craft and you also want to learn more information of balsa wood craft,you can visit

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