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Four Steps About Making Balsa Wood Lampshade

Sources of information:   Time :2012-12-05

Most of people are willing to choose this kind balsa wood to do something they like,such as balsa wood lampshade,glider,airplane models,building models to name a few. If you like,you also can make some artware by using this kind wood. There are so many advantages avaiable about this kind wood,for example,it is affordable and easily handles bening,cutting,staining,painting,glueing,the most important is that it isn't out of shape once it is finalized the design. Therefore,it is the first choice for many people who like to make handcrafted works. Perhaps making a wood lampshade is not easy,even it truly feels like a finely crafted technique that only a woodworker would know how to achieve. However,here are some simple steps to teach you make a beautiful and satisfied wood lampshade.

Step one. Of course,making balsa wood lampshade belongs DIY project. Before doing this work,you need to prepare some basic tools to help you finish this task. In fact,an beautiful and elegant lamp could make your room more warm,therefore,how wonderful it is to do this kind lampshade by yourself? This kind lampshade is suitable to beautify your living room. Of course,you need one knife,some iron wires,balsa wood strips,a mini spray gun to paint your lampshade,glue gun and glue sticks. Of course,you need a lampshade.

Step two. If you want to get a beautiful balsa wood lampshade,you need to line the top and bottom edge of the lampshade. At this time,you need to fix the shade with iron wires and glue stick. What's more,you may need some paint to increase its color. During the process of fix the lampshade,you need to be carefully that don't break the lampshade,because it is so weak. The lampshade may be made of glass or plastic materials.

Step three. At this time,you need to add pieces of balsa wood strips willy-nilly,which means that you need to use the balsa wood strips to  twine the surface of the lampshade. At the same time,you can use glue gun to fix the strips. You need to tuck the ends into other pieces and wrap in a manner that leaves a little space and isn't completely flat against the shade. At this step,you need to pay more attention the order of the wood pieces,of course,you definitely could create beautiful design.

Step four. After adding balsa wood strips on the balsa wood lampshade,you need to check the loose ends and apply glue to adhere. You need to make sure that every part is solid and stable. Although this kind wood is soft,it also be easy to scatter if you haven't fixed in a right way. After doing these steps,you can place the wood lampshade on the lamp. It will be a wonderful work. Of course,if you still have something want to know about the processing procedure,you also can leave your question on our website and we will reply your information as soon as possible. Now,you can have a try to make your own wood lampshade. Good luck to you.

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