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Tips on Covering Balsa Wood Airplane With Tissue Paper

Sources of information:   Time :2012-12-27

Balsa wood can be used for various kinds of model making actually. For example, the most common case is the balsa wood airplane. Some times, you need to cover the plane frame to make it flight worthy. And covering with tissue paper can be regarded as the most versatile and cheap method actually. Do you know how to cover the balsa airplane with tissue paper? Here we will give you the answer.

In order to cover the frame, you may need the following things, like tissue paper, glue, hobby knife, scissors, spray bottle and so forth. What should you know is that the moist tissue paper will shrink significantly once it has dried since it can allow for the amount of airflow necessary for flight. You can choose any kind of glue actually. However, the simple white glue seems work best. And you are advised to be careful when using knives and scissors to avoid injury actually.

First of all, there are various kinds of tissue papers both in domestic and international markets. You are advised to choose your expected tissue paper. Choose the proper color you like. You should choose the color in accordance with the pre-determined color. Or you can choose any color casually.

Second, you are advised to trim the tissue paper down to the rough dimensions of the piece to be covered. In order to decrease your waste, you are advised to trim the tissue paper down to the smallest possible size before gluing it.

Third, you should dampen your tissue paper, by spraying with a spray bottle or in other ways. You should ensure the tissue can keep wet. Then glue the dampened tissue paper to the balsa frame. Spread the glue clumps out until these areas are evenly coated. Then spread the tissue paper over the frame as tightly as possible.

At last, you are advised to cut the excess tissue paper actually. You should trim it accurately after the glue and tissue paper having dried completely.

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