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Making Fishing Lures With Balsa Wood

Sources of information:   Time :2012-12-28

As to those people who have strong affection towards fishing, this article deserves your reading actually since we will tell you how to make the balsa wood fishing lures. As you may know that you will spend much money on buying fishing lures. Why not try to make your own baits by using soft wood, like balsa? Balsa wood is very soft and lightweight. It can float very well on water and it can be cut in different shapes and sizes easily as you like. You can use the lures you made to attract whatever kind of fish you aim to catch.

In order to make the fishing lures, you are advised to prepare the things, like balsa wood, coping saw, wood-cutting knife, fine-grade sandpaper, oil-based paint, aluminum foil, drill bit, eye screws, treble hooks, split rings and so forth. What should be advised is that the hook placement can affect how your lure works. If you want to attract more fish, you are advised to choose the colorful paints. The length and colors you use depends on the fish type that you want to catch.

First of all, you should design your lure to attract more fishes. You should make your design based on what works best for the type of fish you are trying to catch. The types and sizes of the lures depend on your fish type actually. There are various kinds of fishes actually, and you should know which kind of fish is your target fish. Then make the fish lures in accordance with your target fish types.

Second, you can use a coping saw to cut the pattern out. Use the wood-cutting knife to smooth out the edges of the lure. Or you can use the sandpaper. Do not use much strength since it may cause the damage and waste to the balsa wood.

Then, you should paint the lure with the paint you have prepared. There are various kinds of paints both in domestic and international markets. However, you are advised to choose the oil-based paint. Covering the fishing lure with the aluminum foil is also ok, so you can choose which one you like to paint it. Then drill holes in the lure with a small drill bit after the paint has dried. Attach the eye screws where you have drilled holes and attach treble hooks with split rings.

You can test the fishing lure out in water. Generally the fishing lure should be very effective actually. This should be one of your best choice to choose use balsa to make your own fishing lures. There are various kinds of fishes, so you should take this factor into your consideration when you design your lures.

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