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Balsa Wood in Different Shapes and Sizes

Sources of information:   Time :2013-01-14

Balsa wood is a lightweight wood which is easy to bent and shaped. It is well known for its lightweight, soft and strength. Balsa wood is easy to cut, sanded which make it easy to build models and toys actually. There are balsa sticks, balsa sheets, blocks, triangles and so forth. They are in different shapes and sizes for your selection. Balsa wood can be found very easily both in domestic and international markets actually. Different shapes and sizes are suitable for different requirements in different applications.

The balsa sheets are l ong, thin sheets. Balsa sheet can be used to make remote control airplanes, decorations, models, towers, bridges, surfboards and so forth. It can be different in square and rectangular shapes. The sizes can be different from 1/32 inch thickness to 3/4 inche actually, and the length can be 36 inches.

The balsa stick is widely used to make model tower, structure, bridge and remote control airplanes actually. There are various kinds of  balsa sticks which are different in thickness and lengths. Generally, the most common thickness of the balsa stick should be different from 1/16 to 3/4 inch actually, the width should be 3/16 inch and the length should be 36 inch actually.

There are also various kinds of balsa blocks both in domestic and international markets. It has rectangular block shapes and square shapes actually. The common thickness and width of the blocks should be one to six inches. And the length of the block can be up to 36 inches. It can be widely used in industry areas.

You may also fine the balsa triangles easily both in domestic and international markets actually. They are used to make models, airplanes, bridges and towers and so forth. And the triangles can differ greatly. There are also the balsa dowels which are long, thin and rounded sticks which are used for jousting rods, fishing rods, building towers and bridges and so forth.

Well, different shapes and sizes of balsa woods are made artificially to cater to different kinds of requirements. As we all know that the balsa wood is very easy to cut and shaped, so you can determine to buy the sheets, sticks or blocks or to cut it or shape it by yourself.

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